Automatic Postal Machine Gives A New Face To Traditional Postboxes

18 Nov

Giving a new face to the traditional postal service, a bunch of designers, including Michael Oechsle, Max Pamieta and Nik Greig, from Monash University has created a standalone kiosk for the Australian Postal Service to replace existing post boxes on suburban streets. Hailed as “Automatic Postal Machine” (APM), the new postal booth provides basic services such as stamp dispensing, label printing and weighing of parcels to make postal process a bit more fast and simple for common users. Featuring an ergonomic design, the APM also includes an outdoor touchscreen to display and select necessary postal options such as type of mail, postal address and so on.

Accepting all standard parcels up to 300 x 250 x 200 mm and 15 kg, the hi-tech postbox demands users to pay for the necessary stamps and labels they require. Made in thick polarized polycarbonate plastic to check vandalism, the new postbox integrates a protective cover to shield the user from harsh UV rays, rain, hail and wind while availing the services. The APM houses parcels and letters at its base like traditional postboxes.


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