Selectism | Around the Web | 20-11-2010

22 Nov

01. LA Police Department’s stolen art database

“Laura Cochrane says: “The LAPD keeps a database of artwork that has been stolen. It’s interesting, because I think these are mostly pieces are from people’s private collections” (bb)

02. Spielberg’s Abe Lincoln movie

“It’s called Lincoln and will be a collection of the talents of Steven Spielberg (director), Daniel Day-Lewis (plays Lincoln), Doris Kearns Goodwin (wrote the book), and Tony Kushner (screenplay).” (kottke)

03. The evolution of footwork (above)

“The hyper-local scene burst onto the world stage in the past few months, but it’s been around for nearly a decade. Chicago’s Dave Quam charts its beginnings as an outgrowth of ghetto house to its current form.” (residentadvisor)

04. Sharpie UK at London Fashion Weekend

“Wow – what a busy month we’ve had in the UK! But now I’ve finally recovered and am feeling far more alive I can fill you guys in on how fabulous Sharpie was at London Fashion Weekend. Just to give you the lowdown (if you don’t know already), Sharpie was one of the official partners of this fashion-fuelled frenzy and as such we got the opportunity to have our very own stand at the event – see below for evidence…” (sharpie)


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