Nokia 2030 Cellphone In Polished Titanium Case Is Future Perfect

29 Nov

With the latest technological advancements, features and functions of mobile phones change more frequently than any other portable gadget available on the market, as we see something different and new in a cellphone every few days.

Conceived by designer Jim Chan, the “Nokia 2030” is a phone concept that presents an illuminated touch sensitive keypad to allow fast and easy messaging. Featuring a body finished in reinforced scratch-resistant glass, the futuristic phone comes with full-color display capabilities to enhance the experience of the user.

Measuring 2 x 4.75 x 0.25 inches (WLH) in dimensions, the Nokia 2030 also attaches colored films, at the rear, to change its color, while polished titanium case protects the screen from scratches.

Via The Design Blog


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