80’s Arcade Table by Pinel & Pinel

30 Nov

It is a bonus that the games in Pinel & Pinel Arcade 80s Trunk actually work, as the luxurious trunk alone is a marvel. More than 60 classic retro titles — including Pacman, Space Invaders and 1942 — are encased in meticulously detailed trunk dressed with calfskin (51 colors available) or, if you are really particular, also crocodile and shagreen are available. Superior sound and screen quality round out the enjoyment.

Pinel & Pinel is the Paris-based atelier of salesman-turned-designer-and-craftsman Fred Pinel, known for his luxurious luggage and accessories, and such bespoke items as a wood, leather and brass trunk for a folding bicycle, and a full-scale champagne pic nic trunk. Apparently, his Numero O trunk takes more than 400 hours of work, so the price of 40,000 Euros should not come as a surprise.

Pinel has cooperated with Lacroix, Rabanne, Bang & Olufsen and other stars of design and fashion, and is expected to introduce shoes, scarves and perfume in the near future.



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