Grace E Bikes

24 Jan

E-bike sales are increasing every year: they bridge the gap between bicycles and motorcycles as personal urban transport. Most e-bikes lack a design sensibility or structural integrity, but Grace e-bikes look set to change that.

The Grace Pro Race is powered by a pedal-assisted engine, which can attain speeds of up to 45km/h and pump out 500 to 1300 watts. A handlebar-mounted computer houses two headlights in a CNC-machined block of aluminium, and provides information including the level of charge in the lithium ion cells. The motor is encased within the rear ‘hub’ and is virtually maintenance free—meaning no oil changes. And with an axle-mounted motor, there’s no loss of power through a transmission, either. Requiring a one-hour charge, the motor is capable of around 30-50 silent, emission-free kilometres. For those of us who require precise colour co-ordination, the frame is available in 64 colours, with variations available for the computer and waterproof battery case.

The Pro Race is one of three models in the Grace family but will only be produced to order: the production series consists of the more approachable ‘City’ model, and the short-inseam-friendly ‘Universal’ model. This Teutonic behemoth may be viewed as intimidating by some; but it’s interesting to note the Grace moniker is a reference to Grace Kelly.



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