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Why Street Art Matters

18 Jan


Some city councils get it, others don’t. Tapping the creative talents of street artists, illustrators and graphic designers is an effective and cool way to make bland public spaces, old buildings, bridges and car parks new again, and to freshen up the concrete jungle.

It is also an effective way of keeping graffiti away. Plus it draws attention to the building or structure as “potential” not as something to be hated. Maybe it will even bring a buyer, a new occupant or additional creative ideas about how to revitalize the building? Anything but the current dilapidated state of abandoned spaces!



Street artists and muralists bring with them vibrant and a new perspective that architects or designers may not have. This does not mean that millions need to be spent to upgrade the buildings immediately, all you need is vision, courage, local creative talent and some colorful paint like these perfect examples here. Our subscriber list reads like the Who-is-Who of city councils around the globe. So here’s a challenge to you: You need to step up and change the face of your city. There are way too many ugly, run-down buildings, bridges, tunnels and walkways that can be completely transformed into exciting and fun environments with some creative input.




Mark Zuckerberg meets Jesse Eisenberg for first time on SNL

31 Jan

Dutch Winter

8 Jan

Richard Branson launching Project Magazine For iPad

26 Nov

It must be “iPad publishing by billionaires” week but I think they forgot to notify me so I could prepare my own app. British entrepreneur Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Atlantic airlines and the burgeoning commercial space travel program Virgin Galactic, will formally announce next Tuesday that he is releasing an iPad-specific digital magazine named “Project.” Just the other day media magnate Rupert Murdoch announced his plans for a News Corp iPad app, “The Daily,” which is rumored to have a press event introduction on December 9th featuring Mr. Murdoch and Steve Jobs himself.

Could the announcement of these two major publications be a foreshadowing of Apple announcing newspaper subscription plans for the iPad? While Virgin has dipped its toes into the app creation business before with Flying Without Fear, “Project” will cover entertainment, travel, business, design, and international culture. Will Virgin Atlantic now replace their seat-back media centers with iPads? Velcro the iPads to passengers to avoid any zero-G incidents during space flight? We’ll find out soon enough.

Girl Talk — All Day | Mash Up

25 Nov

Four years ago, “mashups” (or what simply would have been called “DJing” back in the day) were all the rage. The art seemed to burst into hipster consciousness when Danger Mouse put out his Grey Album, and Girl Talk’s Night Ripper took it to new heights. The genre hasn’t exactly gotten stale, but one does have to wonder just how much longer it has before it “jumps the shark,” so to speak, or people abandon it for the new flavour of the month.

Anybody remember how quickly iPod battles went out of fashion? Enter All Day, Girl Talk’s newest album, which he’s described as his “most complicated” record yet. While it does seem to feature more samples than he’s ever used, to most people it will just sound like yet another Girl Talk record. And it is. But within it are some truly mind-blowing moments. Take the beginning of second “track” “Let It Out,” for example. Most people would not have the ears or musical knowledge to even consider the possibility of pitting The Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop” and Missy Elliott’s “Get Ur Freak On” against each other. But Girl Talk’s brilliance lies in the fact that he’s capable of hearing multiple facets and grooves in disparate genres and tunes that at first listen, seem to have nothing in common, then he unites them in one wonderful mess. You have to wonder, though, what that bodes for the future.

In this new musical environment and (as some would say) wilderness, does this mean your average kid, who now may not necessarily appreciate the art of a cohesive work like an “album,” is going to only be able to listen to 10 seconds of a song before he or she gets bored and tunes out? If so, that truly makes “mashups” sad.


All Day Samples

On Top of The World – The Rise of The Obervation Deck

23 Nov

People have always wanted to climb higher and see farther. We’ve built towers and turrets, spires and steeples, lookouts and skyscrapers to see and to be seen. The achievement of height makes us proud and somehow secure. We can see all enemies from here. Our church is visible from everywhere. Our building is the tallest in the world.

There’s power and prestige in being high up but there’s also exhilaration. People want to go up, maybe even to be a bit scared, and they want to see far and wide.

A week doesn’t go by without us seeing at least one new observation deck, luxury tower, ski lift or lookout structure that meets those needs. The Stockholm Globe Arena, known as the Ericsson Globe, apparently the world’s largest round building, is not a new project, but we’ve grown fond of its brand-new addition: the cute little glass orbs that climb up the rounded skin of  the structure. The pair of classic-looking orbs, called unimaginatively SkyView, carry 16 passengers each as they scale the Globe on rails operating based on ski-lift technology. The trip up takes three minutes and a round-trip visit takes 20 minutes.

The multi-use complex of the Globe includes a 16,000-seat arena that will host Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston and Rod Stewart among others this spring.


Bellperre Luxury Phone

16 Nov

Drawing inspiration from luxury and fashion products, Dutch designers Konings Wouter and Rogier Kappelhoff have created a high-end mobile phone that can be tailor made for every taste, lifestyle and gender. Developed for Bellperre, the luxury cellphone includes some of the most recent features such as 5MP camera, 3G, GPS and e-mail to enhance your experience. Featuring glass window made of sapphire crystal, known for its scratch resistance, the slim and sleek cellphone is available in over 125 different leather types, together with brushed steel, polished silver and gold (18 and 24k) finishes, meeting the communication needs of the higher class with sophistication.

Via The Design Blog